Cheap DIY home improvements

Can you do some upgrades in your house for a $100 or less? This Old House, an upgrading outfit says yes. One, you can add carved corbels under your breakfast bar. A way to do this is by checking out the salvage yards for Victorian-era ones with patina for an extra flourish in the dining or breakfast nook area.

A company Capitol Salvage provides antique furniture, antique paintings, architectural antiques and other antique items of value that could be used for home improvement. A white-colored, antique wood storage cabinet living room furniture with drawer could cost $80 per furniture. The item provides a classy but old style backdrop inside your living room.

Would you like a slightly higher upgrade? There’s a solid wood rustic old vintage antique reclaimed and recycled solid wood furniture that sells for US $105 to 35 a piece at a FOB price. It’s great for making your modern home embellished with antique furniture.

How about planting an Evergreen in your yard? For an outward change, you can plant Evergreen trees to block winter winds that can climb at the height of 3 feet in one year. Two trees cost $92.

This time you can also suspend a white Capiz shell pendant type of chandelier on the ceiling of the kitchen and laundry room. Capiz shells come from the Philippines. At $80 per chandelier, it looks fantastic! Now, how about enhancing your kitchen’s functionality? You can mount a row of great-looking stainless steel hooks above your kitchen counter to place dish towels and measuring cups at bay for ready use. This polished chrome cost less than $100 per set.

Enhance your living room with a wooden easel. If you have a flat-screen TV and would like to place it in a room in a unique fashion, you can purchase a wood table top easel with adjustable clamps from the Madison Art Shop. The entire wood furniture costs $80.

How about placing a wallpaper in your bedroom’s door. This is magnificent. If you still have some old stocks of wallpaper from last year’s house renovation, you can paste the leftover to dress up the door panels. Let the stiles and rails frame the décor that looks like much of installation art. For a slab door, you can trace a shape on the back of the paper, then cut it out, and paste it at the center of the door. It costs nothing, except when you need to buy some wallpaper for a few dollars.

With some imagination, you can turn your closet into a home office. You can either dismantle its doors or let them stay and keep the close open. You can also unhinge the door and trade hanging rods for shelves—a deep one for the desktop and two shallow ones above for storage. The estimated cost of a 20-by-24-by-¾-inch and two 12-by-24-by-¾-inch white melamine shelves, including metal standards and shelf brackets is $95 available at The Container Store.

At the kitchen or by the breakfast nook, you can turn upper cabinets to instant shelves. By removing the doors on the bank of upper cabinets and painting the interiors, you create a functional and artistic instant open shelving furniture. All you need is a gallon of Elements Zero VOC 100 percent acrylic paint with a washable semi-gloss sheen for a total cost of $35.

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