Carpets For Buildings

Carpets are not just simple floor coverings nowadays. It is now common to have them as part of the interior design in offices. There are now many benefits that accompany carpets for business. We take a look at their benefits below:

Provides Great Interior Design

It is now easier to come up with custom designs for offices that match the company’s culture. There are many styles and colors to choose from, which help in making a workplace environment that matches corporate identity.  A great example would be calming color choices that can help promote healing and are good for hospitals and clinics.

Reduces Sounds

A lot of offices have open areas where you can hear phone calls and employee conversations. This can be a distraction for many. Carpets help in absorbing most of these sounds. When a cushion is added under a carpet, noise if further reduced. Productivity is increased in a quiet and calm workplace setting.

Added Protection From Slips And Falls

Carpets can help prevent slips and also cushion falls and minimize office related injuries. This is beneficial for kids at schools and for the elderly people in nursing homes.

Absorbs Pollutants

Green Buildings are now becoming a standard all over the globe. Carpets improve air indoor quality by trapping allergens and dust. Carpet systems can help meet or even exceed indoor air quality standards for Green Buildings.

We now know that carpets play a huge role in overall office and building design. It is important for company’s to know how to maintain their carpets by knowing carpet cleaning near me.

This is crucial, especially in situations where stains need to be removed quickly.

The first thing that comes to mind for a building manager is  

where can we find carpet cleaning near me?

How To Choose The Right Carpet

There was a time when wool was the only material used in carpet manufacturing. There are now a lot of materials available that are more cost effective and can be specific to your needs. Style, fiber material and color can now be customized, including cut and patterns.

There are things that you need to consider before you choose the best carpet for your needs. Know the requirements by guide questions for your carpet location.

-What type of building and receiving area do you have for your carpet

-How long do you expect the carpet to be used

-What are the kinds of dirt that may be brought into the location

-Is the area remodelled or a new installation

-What are the possible spills and stains that can be expected at the location

-How frequent can these spills and stains occur

-Does moisture enter the facility and affect the carpet

-Is there exposure to harsh sunlight and chemicals

-Will there be equipment passing by the area

-How much foot traffic will there be on a daily basis

Carpet Installation Tips

When it comes to carpet installation one should not scrimp on the budget by doing a DIY. Carpet performance is dependent on the quality of installation. It is therefore crucial to have professionals performing the installation. Before hiring an installer, make sure that he meets the installation standards for all aspects of installation. It would also be good to know what specific services your installer will perform for you. There may be added charges for services like moving furniture when needed.

During installation it is important that proper ventilation is provided. There is often a “new carpet smell” that accompanies new installations. Expect this to subside in the next 72 hours.

Make sure that the installer follows the instructions of the carpet manufacturer which includes power stretching to avoid rippling in the future. Check carpet for defects before installing, request that seams be placed in hidden areas.

A few months after the installation, it is normal to notice a few changes in your carpet. There is a “break-in” period which would usually result in shedding of loose fibers, sprouting of the tuft and color changes for plush carpets. All these are normal and not a defect, if ripples and wrinkling occur this is the time you call your retailer or installer. Restretching may be needed to be done by a professional

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