Best Toilet Cleaning Tips

There is really no way around it, our toilet is a part of the house that needs cleaning on a regular basis. The foul odor that can come from the toilet is a clear sign that cleaning should be done as soon as possible. No one wants to do this, but keeping our toilets clean is a part of personal hygiene for the whole family. It helps in preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria which can cause sickness.

For those who have visitors at home on a regular basis, it would give them a bad impression if they were to use your toilet and they are knocked out due to the odor that comes from it once they open the door. If your goal is to drive unwanted visitors out, then not cleaning your toilet can be an option.

Just the thought of cleaning the toilet can make one’s stomach turn. It is one of the chores that one would want to assign to another. But someone has to do it and we have now reached the point of no return, a smelly toilet that needs immediate cleaning. It would be great to know tips and tricks on how to clean your toilet the right way.

Proper Ways To Clean A Toilet

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to be able to learn how to clean a toilet. This may be one of the most hated chores, but it is not complicated. As with any other chores, there is a right way and a wrong way to do things, including toilet cleaning. Doing things the right way will save on time and energy. We show you how below:

Remove stuff around your toilet. Toilet cleaning can be a messy job. There is always a chance that you can splash the toilet water outside of your toilet bowl or get some cleaner on your other stuff in the bathroom. Things can be dropped into the toilet bowl as well. What if your toothbrush falls into the bowl? To avoid having to clean all your other stuff up after toilet cleaning, it is important to remove them before you proceed with cleaning your toilet.

Flush and use the best cleaner for you. Start your cleaning routine by flushing the toilet with the seat down to prevent splashing toilet water outside of the bowl. Now get your gel, powder or liquid cleanser out and apply it to your toilet. Do not dilute your cleanser, and don’t forget to miss a spot as well. Remember cleansers are used to help remove bacteria and viruses aside from stain and odor removal.

Clean the outside of the toilet. Let the cleaner soak into the toilet bowl while you proceed to start cleaning the exterior of the toilet. Start from top to bottom, apply cleanser to the tank, handle and edges. Next part would be the outside lid, then the entire bowl.

Clean the toilet seat. The toilet seat is the part of the toilet that comes into frequent contact with those who use the toilet. This should be cleaned thoroughly. You need to put up the seat and spray the seat, inside the lid and rim with your cleanser. Include the hinges at the back of the toilet seat.

Clean the inside of the bowl. Start by cleaning from the top to bottom. Scrub under the rim first, remove all dirt and stains. Proceed to scrub the bowl, then the hole at the bottom of the toilet. Finish by flushing the toilet with the lid down.

Clean up any drips and spills. Wipe and drips and toilet water splashes that may have come up during cleaning. Keep your cleaning tools and trash if any. Put back all the items you removed before cleaning.

Tips When Cleaning Your Toilet

We give you great tips on how to clean your toilet. Following them can help you make the most hated chore become more bearable.

You can wear goggles when cleaning your toilet to protect your eyes. It can prevent splashes of toilet water and cleanser from getting into your eyes. Toilet cleansers can have strong chemicals that are needed for disinfection so having eye protection is important. Wearing protective gloves is also an option to prevent direct contact with your hands.

Always flush your toilet with your lid down to prevent toilet water splashes outside of the toilet bowl.

Sponges can breed bacteria, so it is better not to use them for toilet cleaning. A toilet scrub or brush is what you should use for toilet cleaning.

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