Be like a carpet cleaning expert

Carpet cleaning is one of the most laborious but challenging tasks a person can encounter either at home or in an office. Most homes today are carpeted and require regular cleaning, depending on the number of persons that come in and out of the house.

Unlike in large-scale carpet systems such as in hotels and resorts that require industrial carpet cleaning technologies, home carpet cleaning can be done by residents themselves and may require a lesser amount of materials.

You can clean carpets like an expert. Know the technology, process, and materials needed. Carpet cleaning can be dry using a dry compound also known as dry foam carpet cleaning, or wet using vacuum wash or with shampoo or any appropriate damp cleaning materials.

Before doing some carpet cleaning at home, make sure you have the following materials ready: Soap designed for carpet cleaning, indoor floor mate and outdoor floor mats, paper towels, spot treating cleaners, and vacuum filters.

Dirt is the primary culprit in making a carpet ugly. A standard cleaning strategy is to use the vacuum. Make sure the gap is not set too low to avoid carpet damage. Set it at just about the right height. To reduce soil build up and protect the carpet, vacuum the entrances and areas where people most often pass by at least twice a week. Vacuum at the right speed and use clean filter or bag.

In applying steam cleaning, use truck-mounted equipment than portable steam cleaning one to avoid dirty air and humidity to circulate inside the house. Stronger suction equipment such as a truck-mounted one leaves carpets drier. Carpets are better cleaned.

If there is a need for deep cleaning, use steam cleaning pretreated with detergent solution combined with hot rinse solution under high pressure to remove surface dirt, allergens, dust and greasy residues tucked deep down the carpets.

In using DIY machines, clean thoroughly and avoid being in a hurry. This would ensure that no soap residues are still on the carpet. You can rent a steam cleaning machine or buy a brand new one. To avoid deep cleaning, clean the carpet before it gets filthy.

Stained areas on the carpet, as well as frequently passed areas, need to be pretreated by detergent in hot water placed in a sprayer and sprayed over the stained or most dirty areas for 5 to 10 minutes, after which you can begin the cleaning process.

Make sure your carpet is not wet during cleaning, especially in using a DIY machine. After cleaning, dry the carpet and passing over the apparatus 2 to 3 times until you can see that the carpet is dry.

After cleaning, avoid moisture to collect on the carpet. Open the windows, use a fan and a dehumidifier. Don’t walk over the rug until it’s dry, usually after 6 to 12 hours.

Once your carpet is stained, remove the stain quickly using water. Move fast and blot the stain. Do not rub or scrub out the stain. Be patient in cleaning out stains. Use vinegar or club soda as a cleaning solution. Have confidence in, and you’ll always have a clean carpet at home.

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